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Another Exciting Change on Samuel’s Blog!

As some of you may have noticed, you can view stats for this blog by clicking on the little graph picture under the heading “Blog View Stats”. This service is provided by Nedstat, however I have noticed some minor problems with it…the major ones being that a number of the stats only account for the last 100 page views, and that there is no easy way to see what search phrases are being used to find the site…I get keywords and referring URL’s which is a pain in the neck.

I have now added WebStat monitoring to the site as well, the free counter isn’t as detailed as nedstat, but it makes life a lot easier for me as I can see some meaningful overall reports whilst letting nedstat do it’s recent trends thing (and make pretty pictures on the fly).

Both the detailed recent nedstat stats, and the meaningful long term stats are availabe from the sidebar. Note that the Webstat stats are new and won’t be detailed for a little while…but they are there anyway, enjoy!