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Those of you who have keen eyesight or subscribe to my atom feed will have noticed that I now have “Samuel’s Coffee-cup-o-meter”, this is a measurement of how much coffee I drink each day. For the purposes of this, a standard mug (no measurements, just what I consider standard) counts as one point, a shop coffee (Cappuccino is what I usually have) is one point, on the rare occasion that I have Iced Coffee, that is one point…and for those of you who are thinking “right, everything is one point, gotcha” well, you’re wrong. I usually have a thermos of coffee and a travel mug with me, a half full travel mug is about the same as one standard mug, and as such gets one point, a 75%ish full travel mug attracts 1.5 points, and a 90%+ full travel mug attracts 2 points. I usually carry enough coffee for two 75%ish coffee’s, but sometimes have more.

“Now you know”