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Photos…and audio problems…

I have good news, and bad news.
Good news: I have updated my photo gallery, it now has many more photos of LCA, including various frames from my seminar video.
Bad News: The video of my seminar isn’t quite the quality I expected, the video is fine, but the audio is BAD. It is semi audible, but their is too much echo in those conference rooms, and it has picked up an awful lot of noise from people moving about. On the plus side, it clearly picked up the audio of the best question I was asked, and did a reasonable job on most of the others…even the ones from down the front…pity it didn’t pick up the audio of me, down the front, facing the camera with the same clarity.

This isn’t all bad though, it is certainly a minor setback, but I will ask an organiser if I can get a copy of the audio from my seminar (the stuff the microphone picked up…which is an clear). I really don’t see how this can be a problem, so once I have done that, I will be able to put together the video properly. I will probably use the camera audio as background audience noise…and give it some extra volume when something important is said.

If you attended my seminar (The small business network security one at 11am Tuesday in MCC T3, Security Miniconf) and asked a question, and remember what you asked, could you please drop my a line, the audio is semi-clear, and I can roughly work out some of them, but others I may have to summarise…all help is appreciated. In fact, if you attended and remember what was asked, your feedback would also be great. Comment here or email (My email address is floating about in numerous places, google search my name and follow the links!!…no spam please.)

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#1 Comment By del (Peter de Lacey) On April 20, 2005 @ 1:22 am

Enjoyed looking through your gallery, Samuel.
Just in case you want to do something similar in the future, you might like to look at Network Notepad ( [5]), it’s free and a useful little app for drawing network diagrams.

#2 Comment By samuel On April 20, 2005 @ 1:26 am

OK, Thanks for that. I did have a program designed for a different task (Cisco Packet Tracer) which I was going to use, but the newer versions are annoying, and I’ve lost my old versions and I didn’t feel like doing something strenuous at 1am.

Thnaks for the link…I’ll be sure to give it a whirl.

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