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Gaaaargh!!! Finished!!!

It is 2:25am and I have finally finished preparing my LCA presentation…for my benifit I have mirrored my OOo file on my webserver just in case the CD dies…if you want a sneak peek (exclusive to Samuel’s lcaLIVE) then take a loot at http://goggo.dyndns.org/lcaOOo2.odp [1] for an OOo 2.0 beta file or http://goggo.dyndns.org/lcaOOo2.sxi [2] for a OOo 1.x file.
Note that this is only an exclusivity to lcaLIVE until the end of the seminar (midday GMT+10) when I start releasing files publicly.
Oops, forgot to print my notes….now printing…

Samuel Gordon-Stewart reporting for Samuel’s lcaLIVE

I Must be really old in dog years!!
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