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And so the exciting LCA news starts…

Tux paid us a visit, he managed to bring along Linus as well…two of him in fact, their is a third one that can walk and talk, but he hasn’t turned up.

If you weren’t at the welcome this morning, you might have missed out on winning a laptop…three (or was it four) names were called before the laptop was given away. There will be one given away each day at the keynote, so if you don’t mind, don’t attend them…the less people in attendance, the more chance I can win a laptop…although Tux does have a habit of trying to run away with them.

I have a picture of Tux, but I forgot my card reader, so I’ll have to put it online tonight.

I forgot to mention yesterday, if you know nothing of SE Linux, the learn something about it…it is exciting, and possibly the best development in security of recent times.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart reporting for Samuel’s lcaLIVE