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AFL Coverage In Canberra

I’ve discussed this numerous times on Google Groups, so I’ll make it brief. Thankyou to 2CA for making it possible to hear live AFL coverage on a regular basis in Canberra. They have cornered the market by providing the *only* commercial radio AFL coverage in Canberra, and they also are the only place that are regular with the coverage. The ABC do cover it, but they are not regular, they shuffle it over to News Radio whenever they take the NRL, and often News Radio just cut into other programs with it, and provide no information about when it will be on. 2CA are regular, they do Friday night from 7PM, Saturday & Sunday from Midday, and other special days whenever they happen.

I will be writing a letter to 2CA about this shortly.


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#1 Comment By John_B1_B5 On May 12, 2005 @ 4:54 pm

And another good thing about 2CA is that they still transmit in AM (as opposed to FM ).