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Odds And Ends

Because I just won’t get to them otherwise…

New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees solves the problem of incompetent ministers. Just sack them all and have a one man show [1].

Gmail Chat was always an effort to save the Google Talk client, and now finally the two can be considered equal: Gmail Chat has audio and video capabilities [2].

Got a spare $USD130 billion to give away each year? Good, because Barack Obama’s health plans could cost that much [3]. And to think that political parties in this country bother to cost their promises before the election.

Using an “unsupported web browser” (or even an ever-so-slightly customised version of a supported web browser)? If so, Microsoft have introduced random bugs [4] in to Hotmail for your convenience. That said, if you use Hotmail, you kind of deserve what you get.

Got a problem and the media won’t ignore it, but don’t feel like launching another inquiry? Kevin Rudd has the answer…declare war on it [5]!