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Ten More Reasons To Be Paranoid

All ten of them are marked police cars that were in the same place as me at various times between 2:30pm and 5pm today. I think that seeing four marked police cars per hour over a two and a half hour period, when I would normally be lucky to spot one marked police car per day, is as good a reason as any to be paranoid.

Where did I see the Police cars? I’m glad you asked:

Three of them passed me in rapid succession as I was walking down Ainslie Avenue shortly after 2:30pm.

Another one passed me on Northbourne Avenue (and turned on to the cross road that I was using the footpath of) as I was walking towards West Civic.

A fifth police car did much the same thing as the fourth one as I was heading back to the Civic bus interchange.

A sixth police car drove through the Civic bus interchange while I was having coffee at a coffee shop a few metres from the interchange.

A seventh police car passed the bus that I was travelling on as it headed down Athllon Drive towards Tuggeranong.

An eighth police car passed the same bus just as it was about to turn in to the Tuggeranong bus interchange.

The ninth and tenth police cars passed the bus I caught back to Civic as it was travelling along Athllon Drive, a few minutes before 5pm.

And people wonder why I’m paranoid…