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Pete Davidson presents 2CC Traffic

About a week ago I met 2CC’s Program Director Pete Davidson. He was working at an outside broadcast 2CC were conducting at Bunnings Belconnen. Apart from Pete being the presenter of 2CA’s “Love Songs After Dark”, I knew that I recognised the name from something else and I asked a question along the lines of “you did the traffic a while back didn’t you?” to which Pete replied that, yes, he did work for ATN providing traffic reports for Mix 106.3 and FM 104.7.

I was actually referring to Pete presenting traffic for 2CA and 2CC for a brief period after Dennis Leigh left ATN, but as I wasn’t entirely sure and the conversation was moving on, I dropped the matter…but it hasn’t stopped it bugging me all week. Anyway, last night I was trawling through some audio for an unrelated reason and I found this recording from the 2nd of August last year, and guess what…it’s Pete Davidson with a traffic report on the 2CC breakfast show.

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Download MP3 [2]

At least now, I can put my mind at ease on this matter, knowing that I’m not completely devoid of a working memory (reassuring considering the audio which will appear this afternoon).