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More news

I feel like writing something briefly about some upcoming podcasts. Firstly, later today or early tomorrow, Security Now! episode 52 should be released, this will be a question and answer episode, and if I’m lucky my question about stored passwords [1] may be anwered.

Secondly, the interview I had yesterday at 6am was with Bill Grady, host of You Are The Guest [2] podcast, for episode 52 of You Are The Guest, due for release over the weekend or thereabouts. I get the distinct feeling that I was rambling a bit too much and not thinking clearly during that interview, but we’ll see what happens. Perhaps in my current confused state of mind I am not remembering the interview clearly.

Also, the headaches aren’t nearly as bad as they were…at this rate I should be back at work tomorrow…that would be nice. If I am back at work tomorrow, I start early and finish early, which would then give me time in the afternoon to take photos for the Section 84 development update which I was going to do yesterday…we’ll see what happens.