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Dancing Power Lines in Ainslie

Another strange dream, this one takes place near a park in the suburb of Ainslie, where I walk along a busy path. There are a lot of powerlines above this path, and the other people started talking and pointing to the powerlines, when I looked up I could see that the powerlines and power poles were dancing.

Thankfully no sign of Daryl Somers, his current TV show or an SMS poll were in sight.


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#1 Comment By Token Blackman On April 13, 2006 @ 3:39 pm

I had a strange dream about Mount Ainslie years ago. I had the dream that a thermonuclear device was detonated at the top and I lived at the foot of Mt Ainslie. I felt air being sucked out of my lungs after the bright flash.

Scared me to hell all week it did. This was 96