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Alarm Clock Accidents

In the circus of my life, alarm clock accidents can be minor disasters, making me late for various things, and in general, causing chaos. However after my latest alarm clock accident this morning I heard on the news that somebody else had a far worse alarm clock accident.

An air traffic controller at Canberra Airport slept in, effectively leaving Canberra Airport without an air traffic controller, and a rather worried Qantas flight circling, the pilots must have been very concerned as they wouldn’t have been able to make contact with the airport.

I would have thought that common sense tells you to have more than one air traffic controller scheduled at any given time…but this is little Canberra and I do have a category devoted to idiots…well done Canberra Airport.

Somebody from Canberra Airport did say that it was “unacceptable” and that they would make sure they had at least two air traffic controllers scheduled at any given time from now on, but it seems strange that they didn’t think of it in the first place.